Covenant de Jennifer L. Armentrout

Half – Blood

A whoosh of stale air whirled around me as the daimon grabbed a handful of my shirt, slamming me into the wall. Dust and plaster floated through the air. Black starbursts dotted my vision as I scrambled to my feet. Those soulless, pitch black holes where eyes should have been seemed to stare at me like I was his next meal ticket.

The daimon grasped my shoulder, and I let instinct take over. I twisted around, catching the surprise flickering across his pale face a split second before I kicked. My foot connected with the side of his head.

The impact sent him staggering into the opposite wall. I spun around, slamming my hand into him. Surprise turned to horror as the daimon looked down at the garden spade buried deep in his stomach. It didn’t matter where we aimed. Titanium always killed a daimon.
A guttural sound escaped his gaping mouth before he exploded into a shimmery blue dust.

With the spade still in hand, I whirled around and took the steps two at a time. I ignored the ache in my hips as I sprinted across the floor. I was going to make it—I had to make it. I’d be super-pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this craphole.


I struck out, catching Romvi in the stomach, but it didn’t faze him. Using my own momentum —and my hair—he slammed me onto the mat. I rolled into the fall, half grateful that it was over. I didn’t even care that he’d kicked my ass in front of the entire class. Just as long as this— Romvi grabbed my arm and pulled it high above me, yanking me to my knees.

“Listen to me, half-bloods. Dying in battle is not your worst nightmare anymore.”
My eyes popped wide. Oh, no. No, no, no. He wouldn’t dare…
He pushed the sleeve of the Under Armour shirt back until my skin was exposed to the

“This is what happens to you. Take a good, long look at what happens when you fail.
They will turn you into a monster.”
Fire coursed across my cheeks and my brain sort of emptied. I tried, really tried, to keep the scars hidden from my classmates. I focused onanything other than the faces of the students as he continued to show the world my tags. My gaze fell over his rough, aged hand, then up his own battle-scarred arm. The sleeve of his shirt had fallen back, revealing a tattoo of a torch turned downward.


I felt physically ill as I stared at Seth. And when I looked at Telly in the cell, I saw Jackson’s battered face. I should’ve known. Good gods, I should’ve known he’d know… and he’d do something like this.

“It didn’t take much for me to find him,” he continued casually. “And I know people were looking for him. Leon,” Seth laughed, “or should I call him Apollo? Yeah, I beat him to the punch on this one.Those two days you didn’t call me? That’s all it took for me to find him.”

The air flew right out of my lungs. Ice drenched my veins.

He frowned. “He ordered your death, Alex. I figured you’d be happy to know that we have him and he’s not going to be a problem anymore.”

I turned back to the cell. “Gods, how have the furies not reacted to this?”

“I’m not stupid, Alex.” He moved to stand beside me, shoulder to shoulder. “Lucian ordered this and had his Guards carry it out. I was only… along for the ride. Clever, aren’t I?”

“Clever?” I gasped, stepping away from the cell—from Seth. “So this was Lucian’s idea?”

“Does it matter?” He folded his arms. “Telly tried to have you killed—he did have you killed. For that, he has to be punished.”

“That doesn’t make this okay! Look at him!” I pointed at the cell, feeling sick. “What is wrong with him?”

“He’s under a rather strong compulsion not to talk.” Seth tapped his chin thoughtfully. “I’m not sure he’s even thinking. Actually, I think he’s sort of fried.”


I could barely contain my excitement. Little Alexwanted to do cartwheels across the living  room. I knew in my marrow that Solaris knew how to stop the First. That she held the knowledge to stop this, because she’d planned on doing it before.

But then the one big problem surrounding going to the Underworld surfaced.

“Do I have to die again?” I added quickly, because I was pretty sure Apollo might be thrilled with the idea of killing me at this moment. “Because the whole dying part
of going to the Underworld sucked butt last time.”

Apollo’s eyes rolled. “Dying isn’t the only way into the Underworld, but it’s the safest.”

Well, that sounded like an oxymoron if I’d ever heard one.

“There are several entrances to the Underworld in the mortal realm,” Apollo continued.

“The closest to our location would be the one in Kansas.”

“If you say Stull Cemetery, I’ll probably hug you,” Luke said, and then he shrank back when the Sun God turned to him. “Or not—no hugging necessary.”

“Stull Cemetery?” I asked, glancing around the room. Something about the name did sound familiar. “I cannot be the only person who has no idea what that is… other than a cemetery.”


Our group stood off to the left of the masses, there but separate. We had followed the somber procession through the campus just before dawn, and the eight of us had moved as a collective group to the side, as if we all agreed without words that we would be a part of this but would not separate into the class structure.

One would think most of the eyes would be faced forward at a funeral, but they weren’t. A lot of people stared at our group, namely Aiden and me. Some of the stares were openly hostile. Others looked disgusted. Those looks came from the pures. The halfs just seemed shocked and awed.

Aiden’s hand tightened around mine.

I glanced up at him, and he gave me a faint smile. There was no way he didn’t know half the congregation was staring at us, but he held onto my hand. I think he knew I needed that connection.

It was funny how things were so different. Before everything had happened, whenever Seth was around large groups of halfs, he got stared at in wonder.

I got stared at because I was holding hands with a pure-blood. How messed up was that?

Looking over the crowd, I caught the eye of a pure-blooded student. Pures looked just like halfs, but all of us had this gods-given, wonky ability of sensing the difference between the two. He stared at us like he wanted to rip my hand out of Aiden’s and then take a day’s worth of time to explain why we shouldn’t be holding hands.

My eyes narrowed on him as I raised my free hand and scratched the bridge of my nose…with my middle finger.

The pure’s head whipped forward. Back in the day, I probably would’ve been beaten for that, but I was the Apollyon, so I doubted he’d go tattle. And honestly, there were much bigger problems than a half and a pure being naughty.

Imagini pentru covenant jennifer l armentrout

Această serie pot spune că mi-a captivat atenţia imediat ce am văzut că are mitologia greacă în ea. Pe parcurs ce am citit seria m-a intrigat mai mult, mi-a oferit elemente noi, acţiune cât cuprinde plus multe alte detalii pe care vă voi lăsa să le descoperiţi dacă veţi citi vreodată această serie.

M-a captivat întru totul. Da, are zei greci, ceea ce găsim mai peste tot, dar nu înfăţişaţi ca aici. În această serie, ei nu au mai coborât pe Pământ să se dea drept muritori şi să reproducă semizei.

Timp de trei ani Alexandria, Alex, a trăit printre muritori pretinzând că este una dintre ei încercând să uite de datoria pe care faţă de semenii săi, să fie antrenată ca un semizeu. Un accident neprevăzut în Miami o face să se întoarcă înapoi la locul de baştină, locul unde a jurat că nu se va mai întoarce.

Este atacată de daimoni, iar mama ei este prinsă de unul dintre ei, dar nu apucă să o salveze, fiecare pas aducând-o spre siguranţă dar şi moarte.

Acolo începe să fie antrenată de Aiden St. Delphi, cel de care e îndrăgostită. Din păcate nu îi vom vedea împreună abia în cartea a treia. Aiden este curajos şi deştept, urmează regulile, luptă foarte bine. După moartea părinţilor săi a cedat scaunul său în consiliu şi a devenit Santinelă, protejându-i pe cei din Covenant. Fratele său, Deacon, spune că a crescut prea repede şi încrezut, rigid.

Mai apare un personaj esenţial în seria aceasta, Seth Diodoros. Sesth este arogant, amuzant şi foarte distractiv, dar de asemenea este enervant şi cu gura mare. La început acesta vehement în legătură cu Alex, l-a luat de pe teren, dar o rezolvă şi devin prieteni. Mai încolo în serii, după ce află că Alex este cel de-al doilea Apollyo devine posesiv asupra ei deoarece toată lumea crede că ei sunt meniţi să fie împreună.  Ce nu ştia Alex, este faptul că pentru a deveni un ucigător de zei, va trebui să o secătuiască de puteri ajungând să o ucidă.

Seria se învârte în jurul mitologiei greci, dar autoarea mai adaugă unele chestii noi, care te intrigă. Acţiunea, războiul, m-au intrigat. Nu prea mai ţin minte unele lucruri, dar ceea ce vă pot spune este că se mrită a fi citită seria. Oferiţi-i o şansă.

Cine a citit această serie să îmi spună cum i s-a părut. 😀


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    1. Seria este chiar frumoasă şi o recomand din tot sufletul meu. Eu sper că se va traduce şi la noi. „Întoarcerea” este spin-off-ul de la această serie.

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